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LACONA Milk Milkproducts
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Nahrungsmittel Handelsgesellschaft mbH

With a product volume of approx. 130,000 tons per year Lacona is among the leading trading companies in Europe in the field of:

Dry milk products
(for human diet,
animal feeding and industrial purposes)

powdered milk, powdered whey and derivatives
Casein and caseinates
Semi-finished products


Milk products

butter, cheese

Founded in 1991, Lacona has acquired considerable experience in the international trade with dairy products and enjoys an excellent reputation for reliability in its cooperation with customers and suppliers within the European Union as well as on the world market.

If you are interested in purchasing or selling the products traded by us, we will be glad to provide advice and to help you profit from our expertise in market assessment: lacona@lacona.de


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